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You might still be asking yourself what does Princess Madisn expect from her money slaves, paypigs, and cash cows. Since you have already read the rules, you understand that honesty is a major issue. As a submissive Worshipping male you will eagerly accept My Greatness, and your role as my slave.

I expect my slave to be loyal, educated, financially successful, witty, open minded, and intellectual. I would prefer not to be embarrassed while seen with you. Even though I will be... Presentation does mean everything. you must know how to represent yourself.

I expect you to use your imagination.
I expect generosity and an ability to serve.
By applying to be My slave and serve Me, you undertake to obey Me, report to Me, follow My instructins exactly and without question. Your pleasure will come from knowing that you have contributed towards My lifestyle and I have used MY precious time considering you appilcatinl.